Start the New Year Right with a Professional Cleaning

Mar 15, 2023
Start the New Year Right with a Professional Cleaning
Spring is traditionally a time for deep house cleaning, but it’s also a great time to schedule a cleaning for your teeth. In fact, regular dental cleanings are one of the most important things you can do for your oral health. Here’s why.

Having your teeth cleaned may not be at the top of your list of fun things to do, but when it comes to simple things you can do to stay healthy, professional dental cleanings should definitely make the cut. Regular cleanings are an important part of preventive care, and they offer a lot of benefits most people don’t even know about.

At DNTL Studio in Upland, California, Valay Desai, DDS, Prashant Amin, DDS, and our team know that regular cleanings form a cornerstone of good oral health care. In this post, we discuss seven ways dental cleanings can benefit you.

1. Prevent gum disease (and tooth loss!)

One of the most important reasons to have regular dental cleanings is to help prevent gum disease, a leading cause of adult tooth loss. Gum disease is extremely common, occurring when plaque and tartar build up along your gums. 

Germs that live in plaque and tartar produce substances that irritate your gums, causing gum recession and making it easier for bacteria to infect the gums around your tooth roots. As infection progresses, your teeth become weak and loose, dramatically increasing the chance they’ll fall out.

Fortunately, professional cleanings are designed to get rid of plaque and tartar before this process has a chance to cause serious damage. During your cleaning, our team uses special tools to eliminate sticky plaque and hard tartar, and we also fine-tune your home care routine to help you prevent bacteria build-up between visits.

2. Protect your overall health

Preventing gum disease is very important for avoiding tooth loss. But it’s also important for staying healthy overall. 

That’s because research has linked gum disease bacteria with serious medical issues, including heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes, and some types of cancer. Taking steps to prevent gum disease may reduce your risks of these and other medical problems, as well.

3. Reduce your risk of cavities

Plaque and tartar don’t just contribute to gum disease. The bacteria they contain can cause cavities too. By removing these substances from the surface of your teeth, professional cleanings can help prevent cavities.

Cleanings prevent cavities in other ways, as well. During your cleaning appointment, your dentist examines your teeth, looking for very early signs of decay. By identifying these weak spots early, we can treat that area and prevent a serious cavity from forming.

4. Keep your smile looking its best

Anyone who’s ever had their teeth cleaned notices two things right away: your teeth feel super clean and look nice and shiny. 

During your cleaning, we use mild abrasives and special rotary tools to eliminate plaque, tartar, and superficial stains that make your smile look dingy and dull. Plus, we gently polish your tooth surfaces for a dazzling smile you’ll be proud to flash.

5. Keep bad breath at bay

Your mouth is home to lots of bacteria — some good and some bad. When these bacteria multiply, they produce odors that can cause bad breath. Sticky plaque film and even tiny food particles missed during brushing and flossing can also lead to bad breath.

Professional cleanings eliminate plaque, keeping bacteria under control. Plus, special tools dislodge food particles and scrape away tartar that could be harboring bacteria. If you have chronic bad breath, your cleaning appointment is a great time to ask us about solutions that can help, including treatments for dry mouth, a common cause of chronic bad breath.

6. Identify serious problems

Sure, a cleaning appointment helps your teeth and gums stay healthy, but it’s also a time for our team to look for early signs of other problems that need treatment. In addition to examining each tooth for signs of decay or gum recession, we also perform an oral cancer screening and evaluate your bite, all to help you stay healthy and free from serious disease.

7. Improve your home care routine

Finally, a professional cleaning is a good time to get important tips and guidance to help you ward off problems and keep your teeth and gums healthy and sound. Depending on your needs, we may offer lifestyle guidance, brushing and flossing tips, or even toothpaste recommendations, all designed to support your oral health and prevent issues in the future.

Make oral health a priority

A professional dental cleaning takes about an hour, but the benefits it provides can last a lifetime. To schedule your cleaning visit, call 909-982-8893 or book an appointment online at DNTL Studio today.