Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers Upland California

Dental veneers are thin delicate shells made of porcelain. Dental veneers are bonded over front teeth to enhance the appearance of teeth. They are one of the best cosmetic procedures which have helped improve the appearance of discolored teeth, chipped teeth and misaligned teeth.

If you are unhappy with your smile contact our office and make an appointment with our dentist in Upland today. Dr. Nagib Bahri performs a range of cosmetic dentistry procedures at our office. We have successfully used dental veneers in Upland, CA to reshape the smile of many of our patients. Our approach and dedication to deliver the best to our patients has earned trust in our patient community.

Dental Veneers – Application

Dental veneers are used purely for cosmetic reasons unlike crowns or implants which restore the functions of weak/missing tooth. A cosmetic dentist may suggest dental veneers when a number of front teeth need cosmetic modifications. They can be used to make minor changes such as increasing the length of teeth and reshaping a crooked tooth. Following are some of the errors which can be masked using porcelain veneers.

• Intrinsic discoloration of teeth

• Misshapen teeth

• Misaligned teeth

• Chipped teeth

• Gaps between teeth

Dental Veneers – Treatment

During the first consultation our dentist asks questions related to what patients expect from the treatment. After thorough examination our dentist suggests few options based on your situation.

Smile enhancement with veneers usually takes about 2-3 dental visits. A diagnostic mockup may be prepared to ensure that patients have a clear idea of the expected results. Once patients are happy with the changes shown in mockup the treatment is initiated.

During the first visit, the teeth are prepared using depth reduction burs. A small amount of enamel layer, in the range of 0.3-0.5mm is removed to make space for the veneers. An impression is taken and sent to the lab for veneer fabrication. A custom shade match is performed to ensure the closest match to your natural teeth. Our dentist places temporary acrylic veneers over the teeth until the next visit.

During the next visit our dental assistants remove the temporary veneers and clean the teeth for placement of permanent porcelain veneers. Our dentist checks the fit and shade match of the veneers by gently placing them over the teeth. After confirming the correctness of veneers our dentist uses cements to bond the veneers to the teeth. The results are immediately visible after the treatment.

Post- veneer care of teeth

Patients can brush and floss the veneered teeth as usual. Veneers can chip when undue forces are exerted on them. Hence avoid biting into hard foods like apples and carrots. If you clench your teeth, our dentist will fabricate a night guard to prevent the veneers from chipping. Visit our dentist in Upland on a regular basis to help maintain a healthy beautiful smile.