Cone Beam Computed Tomography (CBCT) scanners are an invaluable advancement in the field of dentistry. Dr. Valay Desai and Dr. Prashant Amin utilize CBCT technology to provide patients with detailed 3D images of their oral structures, greatly enhancing diagnostic precision and treatment planning.

A 3D View of Oral Health

CBCT scanners work by capturing a series of X-ray images from different angles, creating a 3D representation of your teeth, jaw and surrounding tissues. This comprehensive view offers unparalleled insight into dental and maxillofacial conditions.

Applications of CBCT Scanners

  • Implant Planning: CBCT scans enable precise assessment for dental implant placement, ensuring the best possible outcome.
  • Endodontic Evaluation: Accurate visualization of tooth anatomy aids in root canal therapy.
  • Orthodontic Planning: CBCT helps orthodontists plan treatments more effectively, particularly for complex cases.
  • TMJ and Sinus Assessments: CBCT provides detailed images for diagnosing TMJ disorders and sinus issues.

Advantages of CBCT Technology

  • Reduced Radiation: CBCT scanners emit lower doses of radiation compared to traditional medical CT scans.
  • Enhanced Precision: The high-quality 3D images enable more accurate diagnoses and treatment planning.
  • Efficient Care: CBCT technology often reduces the need for additional scans and procedures, streamlining patient care.

Take Action for Advanced Diagnosis

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